IN 1898

Mo / Medagama length of a long history of over 115 years, is considered the National School Bibila electorate Moneragala district local government. From the beginning of the first in the history of all of the evidence found in 1898 AD Although folklore claims that the opening of this school. The first principal was Mr. Don John Lahe.

The school began as a missionary college education institution will not only be unintended carpentry course was conducted in cases where vocational education. Then the students were not only a number of villagers, small. Pallewela has served until 1922, he was the principal Lahe.

IN 1922

Then the villagers dispute adjacent ward, the court College (now within the school premises) located. Education and duties between the start of the English CFS books such facilities are not enough desks halls found. Nurse education from the rainy season disrupts proud. When students take place rain to attend the hall with an office tool. Attendance was hampered. Such periods at 11.45 - 12.00 Some students said the school had to send home the old logs showed. Bridges, culverts, without having an environment rich in animal having two water streams and rain flooded the road on either side of college slower Bibila Moneragala a small footpath existed before the emergence of the situation said that based.

1922 Swaris Appu has been appointed the principal and eighth grade classes from time. Grade 21 students and 32 students, while the second third fourth of the students while 07 students, 08 students for five, 07, 06 students while the sixth is one letter per student, while the seventh and eighth. Then the students and the teachers were 04 men who have served in 75% of the boys.

The education of the students with the Moors and Sinhalese students are from the period of 1922 finds a missionary school Swaris million. Buddhist temples around the Swaris Appu had to have the students participate in practices or Buddhist. 1923.07.04 argued that the log of the day Kohukubura Pagoda Temple Crest College students who participated in the event badging. "Let's go to the park at the temple because Thibiriya Poya Day tomorrow." As noted in the log and face. Swaris Appu who served during the school carpentry students outside school, but students have been admitted. Weaving training center has been established. Carpenter was a gentleman called Pransis school teacher. Dates will be resumed when the cart has been bringing him to check for Giving program was named inspector Sonnasami. His status has been carrying out the same time keeping has been removed Pransis. Then 10 students have been studying people.